"ANIMAL'ex" is an exhibition of equipment for livestock breeding and management (cattle, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, etc.). It demonstrates the intellectual equipment for cattle mixed feeding, multienzyme drugs and other additives to produce fodders and premixes, technologies and biological preparations for preserving forage, rapid tests to analyze micro-toxins in fodders, staff protective clothing, a wide range of vitamins and fodder mixtures, vaccines for farm animals.

Exhibition Sections

    •  Construction/reconstruction of structures for livestock and poultry;
    •  Veterinary;
    •  Genetics;
    •  Eco-friendly products and technologies;
    •  Fodder industry;
    •  Laboratory and measuring equipment;
    •  Equipment for livestock and poultry management;
    •  Poultry raising;
    •  Sanitation and hygiene;
    •  Livestock breeding;
    •  Recycling.