"ExpoAgroTech" - exposition is one of the largest exhibition sections - agricultural machinery and spare parts for arable farming, plant raising, irrigation, livestock raising, poultry farming, fodder production, food and processing industry, recycling, subsistence farming.

"ExpoAgroTech" - agricultural technology and spare parts for agriculture, crop production, land reclamation, animal husbandry, poultry farming

Touching new and modern equipment, taking the opportunity to be the first to introduce technological capabilities into your own business - this is how ExpoAgroTech can be described.

What is it?

ExpoAgroTech is an annual specialized exhibition of machinery and industrial equipment for Ukrainian farmers. It takes place on June 8-11 in Kiev with the support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

The purpose of the event is to introduce agricultural producers to the latest in the industry. This is a great way for Ukrainian and foreign producers to demonstrate modern agricultural technology, spare parts for agriculture, crop production, land reclamation, animal husbandry, poultry farming, feed production, food and processing industries and much more. In addition, the exhibition presents the opportunities for disposal that are needed both for the household and cooperative enterprises, agricultural holdings and other agricultural enterprises.

What is the exhibition

In the framework of the ExpoAgroTech exhibition, farmers can get acquainted with thematic areas:

- Machinery and equipment for harvesting, combines;

- Equipment for processing and storage of crops;

- Spare parts for machinery and equipment;

- Means of small-scale mechanization;

- Equipment for laboratories, measuring instruments;

- Machines and equipment for fruits and vegetables and gourds;

- Garden and garden tools;

- Repair services and others.

Specialized exhibition halls present:

- agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts;

- renewable energy sources;

- Means of automation, alternative energy management;

- organic products and technologies and much more.

Where to find

If you have questions about your company’s participation in the exhibition or need detailed information about holding an annual event, contact our manager about partnership programs.

On our website, using the on-line card you can find the pavilion you need and get acquainted with the detailed conditions for participation.

"ExpoAgroTech" - machinery, equipment and spare parts for each farmer.

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Exhibition Sections

  • Tractors;
  • Soil treatment machines;
  • Sowing technology;
  • Fertilizer application;
  • Equipment and equipment for irrigation and drainage;
  • Machinery and equipment for harvesting, combines;
  • Equipment for processing and storage of the crop;
  • Spare parts for machinery and equipment;
  • Means of small-scale mechanization;
  • Equipment for laboratories, measuring instruments;
  • Machines and equipment for fruit and vegetables and melons;
  • Garden and gardening equipment;
  • Spare parts and repair.

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