The exhibition "Hi-Tech AGRO" is only one in Eastern Europe dedicated to high technology in agriculture.
100 companies were presented in 2016 on the subject of "Hi-Tech AGRO".

Exhibitions topics:
  • Automation of production for agriculture
  • Expert systems for agriculture
  • GPS and GIS technologies
  • Intelligent sensors
  • Intelligent systems of agricultural monitoring
  • Management systems for agriculture
  • Mobile and autonomous power plants
  • Onboard and field computers
  • Precision agriculture and predictive data analytics
  • Smart irrigation
  • Software for agriculture
  • Solar energy for agriculture
For the first time, all-Ukrainian thematic event "AG Tech Forum. High technology for agro-industry" has been successfully held in the framework of the exhibition. More than 300 professionals, who are implementing high technologies in agriculture, participated in the forum.


Îleg Motruc