In order to improve the efficiency of agriculture in Ukraine through the introduction of innovative technologies, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine will hold specialized exhibitions automation, management, alternative energy, GPS and GIS technologies to enterprises and organizations of agriculture "Hi-Tech AGRO". The exhibition "Hi-Tech AGRO" is only one in Eastern Europe dedicated to high technology in agriculture.

Exhibitions topics:
  • GPS and GIS technologies
  • Automation of production in AIC
  • Energy of AIC
  • Intelligent systems of agricultural monitoring
  • Management systems of AIC
  • Onboard and field computers
  • Precision agriculture
  • Software for agriculture
The exhibition purpose Ėfully acquaint a wide range of managers and professionals with the latest developments in management, industrial automation, energy saving, high-tech equipments and tools for effective management and production.



őleg Motruc

PARTICIPANTS of ęHiTech AGRO-2016Ľ on 05.24.16